Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cluck, Cluck...AKA Homestead Gratitude #7

 notice some of our lovely raised beds in the garden behind them :)
Meet Cinnamon and Speckles.  Having these two hens, and a few more babies in their teenage years, has been a true joy.  Moving to the county and having acreage, albeit outside the city limits by a few feet, has afforded us the great pleasure of having a few hens.  Not only are they a great love of my daughters, we have a supply of beautiful free range eggs and a wonderful addition to our compost that enriches our garden. 

Some friends of ours are working hard to promote an ordinance that would allow backyard chickens within the city limits.  Just three hens, as pets and for egg production only, and they'd be licensed.  I was truly amazed at the outcry, by a few, spewing half truths that only come from a complete lack of education on the subject matter, that has given many pause.  Beyond that, the name calling.  Hillbilly, redneck or attention seeking and holier than thou.  This is crazy to me.  These are a few conscientious individuals who are seeking a knowledge of sustainability and teaching there kids about where their food comes from.  They are not trying to force their views or lifestyle choices on anyone.  Just trying to go through the appropriate channels to legally make that choice. 

For the record, We're no hillbillies. We're business owners, I have a masters degree and B is a Veterinarian, We volunteer in the community, and are active parents in our children's school. We also still own a home in the city and have a vested interest in the neighborhood.

So I'll get off my roost now, but I had to mention this support of my city neighbors.  My dear chickens are absolutely a homestead gratitude!

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  1. thanks for the support! Your girls are extra lucky to have such fine carpentry skills in you and B. They have a mack daddy home design :)



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