Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 Today was filled with work, hard work.  It represented a closing of an era, and the new beginnings that each years garden brings.  Last week we rented the other house!  This allows us to recoup a significant portion of our monthly expenditure and start to exhale a little.  Today we had movers out to completely vacate what items remained.  Now, three years later, what's there should have little meaning.  Much of it, which is now sitting in the barn, will be sifted through and finally discarded.  That said, there are a number of things that are almost like new discoveries and will have a fresh usefulness.  I felt a little sad walking though one last time.  It seems that the final removal of our things allows us to let go of the house,  that is truly bittersweet.

Once we'd completed the unload at the homestead, we needed to jump right into getting garden work done.  We're expecting an inch or so of rain tonight, so time was of the essence.  This years garden has turned into quite an ordeal. While prepping to produce not only for ourselves, but our farm basket families, we've really worked hard on reconfiguring the structural layout of the garden.  We've been expanding and creating an aesthetically pleasing permanent backbone to this love of ours.  We now have 10 of our 12 raised beds completed and different produce specific trellis' built.  The 12 beds out does last years garden by 2 and we've only reconfigured half of our garden space.  The rest we'll do slowly over the summer while things are growing, so we can plant our fall/winter crops.

With all of these dreams we're working on to make our reality, you'd think I'd have vivid nightly dreams.  Not tonight, I'm much too tired!

**due to being so tired and not wanting to struggle with an iPhoto problem I was having this post published a little late.  Now I must have some coffee.

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