Monday, May 3, 2010

And We're Off!

 Newly made and installed pea trellis'.  The peas have doubled in size since I took this picture early on Sunday morning!

This weekend we got a few more structural things completed in the garden and managed to also transplant some of our basement starts in the ground.  (we also finished moving all of the dang sod from the berry patch excavation, but we're trying to forget that experience)!  There is oh so much more to do, but the amazing sense of accomplishment has us utterly jazzed!  We have now decided that snow fence, now on sale, is the perfect substrate to trellis squash on.  So B invested in some more of that today, and hopefully by the weekend, we'll have some of these little plants that are busting out of their seedling recycled yogurt cups also nestled in the warm earth.  Yea!  We're off!

In the foreground are the eggplant's, and in the background are the new cucumber trellis' & cucs!

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