Sunday, April 25, 2010

Simply Perfect

 I am officially a slumber party survivor!  There are so many options out there for birthday parties and whether it's painting pottery, gymnastics, doing a family overnight, or simply the dreaded chuck-e-cheese, they are all quite expensive and short lived.  So when I mentioned a slumber party to Sidney and she jumped on it I was thrilled. 

She started to think about it and came up with the theme cats, because of her beloved "Warriors"  book series (thanks Christy)!  So over the last couple of weeks we've hunted and found cat ideas to incorporate into her party.  We decorated the attic....slumber central and found a few key activity components.  I set up a pizza station in the kitchen and they all rolled, pulled, and tossed their own dough and decorated their pizzas.
 We found some cute (and very inexpensive) sun catchers at the store that were kitty cats, so the girls each made theirs and I popped them in to bake.  They turned out great!
 A big hit was the mug cakes!  I found some cute kitty mugs at Pier One on clearance and the girls each mixed their own ingredients and we popped them in the microwave.  Amazing and very cool idea!  The girls loved them, and they get to keep the mugs and a recipe!
 Despite the little activities I planned, they were all perfectly happy just being girls.  Chit chatting, playing warriors, painting nails, watching a movie, singing and lot's of whispering (sometimes louder than necessary, especially at 2 am).
 They were up at 6:30 am and are once again playing strong.  I went up to say good morning and see how they were all doing on four hours sleep.  I was immediately dismissed as I was interrupting their game....m o m   Pleeease, we're playing...and please leave the left over popcorn, we're pretending it's mice. (more warrior cats play I assume).    I'm getting ready to start making waffles and am certain that I'll need a nap later.

Lesson learned.  It's so much fun to just do the birthday party thing at home, and let the kids play and be kids.  I spent a total of $65 on this party and that also includes the first or second book of the series (depending on if each girl had started it yet) in their little goodie bag to go home with their mug, sun catcher and some Hello Kitty lip gloss.  A simple party, can be simply perfect and an evening to remember!

**I apologize for the graininess of the photos, my settings went drastically awry last night!

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