Sunday, April 18, 2010


Where has the time gone?***  Yesterday my little girl was 9 years old!  I can hardly believe it.  We began the morning by pulling out her baby album.  She was excited to go through it, and since she was born pre-digital camera for us,  I was doing a little photo hunting.  How did we survive BD (before digital)?  This is a photograph of a photograph because my scanner is broken and it took me far too much time trying to capture it!  It does not at all do my girl justice either!  It was so fun to look through this album and see all of the little stages of her babyhood going into childhood. (Also a little crazy to see how her dad and I have changed over the last nine years, I don't feel so much older)!

I do believe she's officially a tween!  She came downstairs this morning in a dress and wearing a pair of dress shoes.  The first thing she said is oohh I like these shoes because they have a little heel and it makes me just a bit taller.  Her birthday party is next weekend, and it's a slumber party, so I'm sure there will be many antic-dotes to tell. 

***Even at this moment I wonder where the time has gone.  I need to rewind for just a sec and say that I began this post yesterday, and then stopped so that we could have our family celebration.  Her request was Chinese food, my chocolate tart, and a family movie night.  Here are a few pictures of our evening.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sid! What a beautiful celebration. And another one to come!




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