Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday TAW!

 Tilting At Windmills is one year old today!  I look back on the last year an am amazed at how this blogging thing has evolved.  I seem to be  in a fairly constant state of blog thought.  My mind is always racing and phrases or thoughts come together.  For a while I was writing down snippets to refer back to and then I stopped.  I wonder why??  A week ago as I was contemplating this post, it flowed very eloquently through my head.  I didn't write it down, I just knew that I'd easily be able to retrieve the stream of consciousness, like a rapidly flowing stream.  Well like that flowing stream, those words have gone away and so I sit and ponder once again. 

If you think way back, I started this blog thinking about balance and how to bring it to our lives and teach our kids about the importance of it.  We've had highs, like this and this and lows, like this and this, but most of all growth. 

I am so thankful for what I've learned, that I've been able to expand upon my creativity and that I've been introduced into this wonderful blogging community.  I've met so many wonderful souls and kindred spirits.   I've challenged myself in ways I hadn't even really contemplated when I began.  Now it's just part of my soul.  My writing and photography has become a silent teacher, an example for my kids.  It's been infectious.  Sidney now will run in and grab the camera every chance she gets to capture something and loves to write stories.  Recently Charles had to draw a symbol for each of his family members and he put a camera in my hand. 

I look forward to the continued metamorphosis of our journey toward self-sufficiency and our passage toward teaching our children well.  I appreciate all of you that have kept up with our adventure and my little blog.  I look forward to what this year evolves into and wonder, what it is that I'll be reflecting on next year.


  1. Happy Blogoversary!

    So glad I met you!
    One love.

  2. congrats Amy! I know you are loving it. can't wait to read more.




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