Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our House

B and I have been together for 17 years.  Today marks that day 12 years ago when we got married.  The first full day of spring.  When we first began and were working hard finishing up school. Sunday's were for sleeping in, big homemade breakfasts, reading the paper and listening to Sunday morning jazz or The Beetles.  Then we would spend lazy afternoons driving in the country, visiting antique stores, and we always had a gift for dreaming.  Dreaming big dreams.

We've always taken those steps, big and small, together and with much passion.   When we make a decision we go full force and make it happen.  We decided together to strive for our own practice.  We built the plan over years, and implemented it through our dedication together to reach for our life goals.   Like our business decision, we decided together to make the jump into the very special homestead that has become our passion.  This decision we made to make more sustainable choices and introduce our kids to both the freedom and responsibility that comes with following your dreams. 

So today we remember, enjoy and continue to dream.  We've created Our House; and I look forward to every new moment that B lights the fire while I place the flowers in the vase that I bought today....


  1. Love you guys! Happy Anniv - beautiful tribute to a great marriage :)


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    There's so much love in the air.

    one love.

  3. this is beautiful!
    happy anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary Amy! I know exactly what you mean about building dreams and a life together. The one thing I could never thank Jim enough for is doing everything within his power to make sure my dreams come true. Whether it's as crazy as organizing a kickball and dodge ball team in our 40's, or taking a hiatus from my profession to focus on my babies, or building my dream house on the lake, he makes sure it happens (or will die trying : ). We are both blessed to have married the men we did and to share our dreams with.
    Lots of love & congrats on celebrating 12 happy years.



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