Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh What A Beautiful Evening....

The first 72+ (depending on where you are) day in Wisconsin brings you many sights..... tank tops, convertables, the sounds of Harley's that were put away in November.  It also brought our first official outdoor evening. 

We officially have kicked off the planting season with 11 items that we filled our cold frames with.  We even took a rather French garden artistic approach to our plantings, so it will be interesting to see the aesthetic as they grow up!  I'll list the specifics of what was planted on our garden plan in the right column.

In addition to the family effort of planting microscopic seeds, we had some outside play.  Neither of the kids have ever wanted to pursue bike riding much, which is wholly ironic considering how involved B is in it.  So tonight, with some extensive negotiation, B convinced Charles to remove the training wheels and give it a go.  He's now officially about one more training session from being completely on his own!  Of course Sid now wants to learn too, just so she knows.  She's more the roller skating type and terrified of falling off of the bike, but is willing to give it a shot.  I wish her brother had a bit of her fear.  It was a split second and basic fall last summer that broke his skinny, hyper-extended little arm.  The doctor warned us he could easily do the same to the other one, yikes...bubble wrap please!

A glass of wine on the back deck, listening to the kids run and play, and basking in the accomplishments of a warm evening.  What a wonderful start to Spring!

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