Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cold Frame

It was 42 degrees outside today and we hopped right into action.  We fired up the snow blower and went to it.  Yes, that's what I said, the snow blower!  You see, we've caught the we've had a warm sunny day and it's time to get this garden started bug.  So B cleared most of the snow from a small grassy area outside our kitchen window.  Then we took a large sheet of black plastic and laid it down to melt the remaining snow and begin a cursory thaw on the ground below.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon using old storm windows (reuse) and hinging them together with hinges that B bought at the ReStore (recycle).  This apparatus we will place on top of the beautiful angled frame that we're (well mostly him, with me doing a lot of holding and tool passing) building.  When this is completed we will place it on the once small grassy area and then fill our cold frame with rich soil and lot's of early lettuce, radishes and fennel.  We will be having micro-greens in no time, and the real thing with a small amount of patience.  And yes it is only March!

The brilliance of putting the cold frame right outside our kitchen window I'm very excited about!  It will be a wonderful edible ornamental, as well as shorten the walk for everyday salad greens and free up two full rows in the main garden! 

Though construction is complete, we'll be painting it barn red, to contrast the white windows
Now off to enjoy a couple of BBQ steaks.  Yes, it is beginning to look like Spring in Wisconsin.
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