Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow and Easy

Earlier this evening it suddenly began to snow, not slow easy flakes getting heavier as the time passed.  No, the sky opened up with giant flakes pouring down with wild abandon.  As I'm outside snaping vigorous photos and plopping mine and my kids faces in the snow (explaination for another post, hopefully tomorrow), I can hear the snow hitting the ground and trees like you hear a downpour of rain on the roof.  It was an absolutly beautiful sound. 

Now warm and inside, I'm watching the cars out on the road go by.  It's almost magical what a good snow storm can do.  It's a forced slow down.  The cars are all driving carefully, almost in slow motion, oh so carefully so they do not to stop to fast at the corner and slide. It makes you think.  Why is it that we are always in such a hurry?  It's almost relaxing to watch these cars in a rather odd slow motion, not that they're thinking of it this way, but why not?  Why are we always in such a hurry to shave mere seconds off of parts of our day here or there, just to get some fragment done.  Or arrive somewhere 30 seconds faster, most probably frustrated by the process that got you there that fast?  So this evening, take a moment to slow down and appreciate what is around you, it may make you realize that the 30 seconds is part of the journey and shouldn't be rushed.

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