Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Coop Day!

 Signs of Spring

We had deliciously warm weather yesterday, a balmy 38 degrees with sun and today promises to be more of the same!  So we plan to stretch our snowbound wings and clean out the chicken coop, adjust their lighting and lay down some fresh straw.  Oh but I love the smell of fresh straw!  I know this doesn't sound a bit like a glamorous task, and it isn't.  But there is still too much snow cover for much else and I'm thrilled with the thought of being back outside and working on the property.

I'm sure it will be quite a sight.  You see Cinnamon, one of our hens, has just finished molting so right now it looks like  chicken blew up in there!  We may be getting some more snow on Sunday afternoon through Monday morning.  If so, I think we'll try the great idea that julochka posted this morning.  You really should go and take a look!

Happy Friday!


  1. didn't we have lovely weather?? sigh.
    hi cinnamon!



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