Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Memory is a funny thing. It seems to come in snapshots of occasions or snippets of conversations. Then in time, the day to day love and warmth become the impressions and the greying film of nostalgia.

Yesterday digging in a box long since put away I came across a stack of letters, oddly placed yet lovingly saved. Letters that came from my grandparents when I first moved away from home seventeen years ago.

The letters brought me laughter and wonder, the wonder of my gram's beautiful handwriting, and laughter at her quick wit, no nonsense conversation, love of a new recipe stemming from fresh produce purchased at Plowboys or recollecting a conversation with my mom. I am blessed to still have my gram, and though she is clouded by dementia, I still get to see glimpses of the light that touched the letters so lovingly written so many years ago.

They brought immediate tears upon seeing my grandpa's deliberate handwriting. Brightened my mind in hearing again his gruff and loving tone and being able to once again picture him with me. Counting in Latin, playing cards, singing Irish blarney, and sharing with me life lessons: the importance of respect, debate, education and most of all family. My last conversation with him reflected his approval of my husband to be, saying: "he's a good man."

Here's to the overwhelming power of family. I hope that we create an environment where our kids can bask in the love of their elders and pass their memories whether vivid or antiqued to the generations to come.


  1. I cherish the letters my grandmother sent me too. I hope I get back into the pen and paper writing with my children and grandchildren one day. It means so much. Very cool!


  2. What a treasure you have there. I love where he wrote, "enough of this guff"! That made me laugh!

  3. Hi. I'm stopping by via the blog camp 365 project. I loooove this post. It reminds me so much of my grandparents. My grandfather was a letter-writer. And he was so eloquent in his writing. I've been planning on doing a post on his letters and poetry one of these days. Beautiful blog! :)



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