Saturday, October 17, 2009

I feel a Project Coming On...

At the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold isn't there?? Every task has a silver lining. Just like I welcome seasonal changes, my creative juices are always searching for their next mission. As there has finally been a break in our weather, we're off to spend the weekend outside at soccer games and the pumpkin farm, This cold burst that we've had has gotten me in the indoor project mood. We're bundling up to go out into the crisp sunshine so I leave you with some pictures of projects to come.

I love the simplicity of this apron pattern. I found it on Maybe I can get proficient at these beauties, choose some bright colors and sell them on etsy.

When my afghan is complete (almost there!), I love the look of these and I think it may become quite a project, I've never tried the cable knit stitching before.

Decoupage is so much fun to do with the kids and will make a wonderful edition to our quiet Sunday hour.

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