Monday, October 19, 2009


I caught the headline this morning....."the Wisconsin legislature is taking up a bill to make texting while driving illegal, for those under 18." WHAT? I guess they are only considering this group of people because they are the only ones unable to multitask as seen here? You would think that those older than 18 would be the ones banned, as the younger you are, the more cat-like your crash aversion reflexes are. But I suppose, being older, you are the more experienced to handle coming out of the fishtail you fly into as you avoid hitting the car you didn't see while texting.

I've seen adults, driving child care vans texting! (I knew the director so called and let her know) I've seen kids texting each other, while in the same car! In this right now society, do we really need to endanger everyone else for our own selfishness? Please, if your doing business, put them on speaker phone and talk, wait to get to the next destination, or pull over if your going to type a message. I wonder if the person I discussed here ran the stop sign because of texting. In this case I hope he did, the alternative pre-meditated, oh I can just beat the group of cyclists is a more disturbing option. (sorry for the digression in my soapbox, just got an email from his insurance company again). I think we should be equal opportunity banners.

So for those of you texting while driving, and all of you innocent ones just driving your families to their destinations, and you legislatures trying to figure out what to do, FYSBGTBABN (for those not knowing the text lingo, I got this off of a peechee folder that I bought for myself while school shopping with the kids this fall: fasten your seat belts going to be a bumpy night).

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  1. quick update. The legislature passed the bill and applied it to all motorists. Hmmm maybe they saw this blog. LOL :)



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