Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was reading a post by julochka this morning and reflecting on technology in general. We're headed out of town tomorrow for the lake. There is limited cell phone connectivity and I'll be without my computer for a whole week!

We've had a great visit with my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law the last few days. It amazes me the lightning speed with which Mark can navigate his iPhone. I love technology. It's thrilling to see all of the "necessities" that are right at our fingertips. Within the last year the kids have become Google fiends. Sidney (8), began using it as a resource and has a insatiable appetite for researching anything of interest. Even Charlie (6) is infatuated with Googleing something, mainly Star Wars or Ben 10, but still small words he can hack out to get to the desired location.

I've found that I'm very computer dependent myself. Email has virtually replaced the telephone for most communication. You can Email, Facebook, or Twitter conversations in real time and admit it....there's something a bit exciting every time you get the notification that you've got a new message. I can get the news, weather, shop, or connect to about any information that I require in seconds. Talk about immediate gratification. Especially since I've entered into the wonderful world of blogging and seem to see life in bloggable snapshots. Hmmm, maybe the time away will be good for me. :)

All of that being said, I've also had some wonderful conversations with my best email buddies on the phone and you realize how you somewhat miss the long leisurely conversation. You know, like the ones we had when we spent our teen years connected to the telephone, and texting wasn't even a blip on the radar yet. I guess it all comes back to a recurring theme here. Balance. Finding the place where technology and humanity can be melded together seamlessly and allow for the best of all worlds; the convenience of technology with the ability to recognize the richness that life outside the monitor has to offer. Using technology as a tool for enrichment, and not a screen to hide behind.

I've noticed the past few times we've gone on vacation and been separated from our technology, that the world did in fact not stop. We survived with flying colors the void of immediate connectivity. I bid you adieu, dear blogger, for the week.

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  1. i have such a hard time going offline, but have been trying this summer (until this week, now i'm kinda back--at least to also reading blogs). :-) i have always disliked talking on the phone, business or pleasure, but find that gmail video chats are a great alternative. :-)

    that said, enjoy your week away. it is amazing what a little in-person conversation can do for a person. :-)



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