Friday, July 10, 2009

Best Intentions

The craziness!  I have spent a bit of time this evening reading blogrolls.  I enjoy finding new and interesting people to follow.  Then it happened, I found this cool graphic (above) from Wordle on a blog (that I was really enjoying by the way)!  So I went to the site, put my information in and viola the above graphic.  How easy is this!?  Well not so easy I guess, because this simple thing has now taken me an hour to figure out how to get posted into my blog!  Jeez, the can of worms, something so simple turning into a cyber-adventure!  So I apologize now to the dear person whose blog I just found this on.  I'd love to give you credit.  However, in all of my efforts to get this darned thing posted I can't find you again!

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